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Alexandra Epps is an accredited Arts
Society Lecturer and gives talks on a
wide variety of arts related subjects for groups, societies, organisations and
students, as cultural events or corporate

Talks usually last one hour

  • digital powerpoint presentations
  • fees by arrangement


Alexandra is always adding to her list of talks so it is best to call or join the Art in the City mailing list where you can be updated, from time to time, with details of any talks or other events being planned.

Current talks available are listed below

  • talks can be delivered online via zoom
  • study days and art courses available by arrangement
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A big thank you for the wonderful talk you’ve just given here. You communicate your knowledge and your passion for art so well, that you really carry an audience with you. I found it absolutely fascinating...

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Tamara de Lempicka
Tamara de Lempicka

Tamara de Lempicka

From her early beginnings as an aristocratic fugitive from the Russian Revolution, to later taking Paris by storm as a successful artist
on her own terms, Tamara de Lempicka has become an icon of the Roaring Twenties.
Her unique style reflects the shifting morals
of the age. Few artists sum up an epoch quite
as completely - a true Art Deco diva!

London through Stained Glass

Discover fascinating stained glass stories all hidden in plain sight within the heart of London. From the sacred to the secular, cathedrals to churches, the Knights Templar to the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, Women’s suffrage to an icon
of culinary delight, the Houses of Parliament to
a boutique hotel, and a Gothic mansion to a

London through Stained Glass
London through Stained Glass
An Artists Best Friend
An Artists Best Friend

An Artist's Best Friend

Dogs are man’s most loyal friend. They
are often used in art, as in life, to project
our ambitions and anxieties. From the
poignancy of Landseer to the dachshunds
of Bonnard and Picasso; the whippets of
Freud and many more, explore how dogs
have provided inspiration, solace and
companionship throughout artistic lives.

Master of Moonlight

Atkinson Grimshaw one of the great
painters of the Victorian era created some
of its most beautiful atmospheric paintings.
In rain, mist, moonlight and gaslight, the
Thames, winding lanes and grimy docks
appear as if clothed in poetry and mystery.
The humdrum of every day Victorian life is
transformed time and again into a magical‘Grimshaw’.

Master of Moonlight
Master of Moonlight
Peggy Guggenheim
Peggy Guggenheim

Peggy Guggenheim

The 'poor little rich girl' who changed the
face of twentieth century art. Not only was
she ahead of her time but the woman who
helped define it. She discovered a new generation of artists producing a new kind
of art. Through collecting not only art but
the artists themselves, her life was as
radical as her collection.

As Good as Gold

The story of gold and its significance and symbolism throughout the history of art. Gold as the colour of the sun; the colour of divinity; the colour of status and the colour of love. From creations ancient and contemporary, sacred and profane - all that glitters is certainly gold...

As Good as Gold
As Good as Gold
Modern Masterpieces
Modern Masterpieces

Modern Masterpieces

A journey through some of the most
influential works of art of the twentieth
century - a time of rapid artistic change
when traditional concepts were
challenged, boundaries pushed and the
role of the artist redefined. Discover how
some of the movers and shakers of the
time turned the art world on its head.

Artist + Muse

The complex relationship between artist
and muse as the inspiration for some of
the most significant works of art of the
nineteenth and twentieth centuries. From
the ‘stunners’ of the Pre Raphaelites to
Picasso’s weeping woman to the mother
of American modernism - women as
muses and as artists in their own right.

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Three Colours in Art

The symbolism, significance and
spirituality of colour throughout the
history of art. Experience the power of the
red of the Tudors; the utopian white of
Abstraction; the secret formula of
International Klein Blue and Mondrian’s
dynamic combination of all three.

The Golden Section

For thousands of years the mystery of theGolden Section has inspired thinkers from all disciplines - from artists to architects, mathematicians to musicians. Discover the secrets of its sacred geometry and divine beauty within creations from the classical to the contemporary.

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Art of the River

The River Thames has inspired artists for
over three hundred years and continues to
do so today. Discover a selection of artists
from the historical to the contemporary
and experience their fascinating views of
the river and interpretations of its eventful
history and beauty.

Coventry Cathedral

The extraordinary story of the rebuilding
of the Cathedral as a symbol of peace
and reconciliation and its inspiring
commitment to the modern. Experience
the work of many of the world-class artists associated with its treasures
including Epstein, Frink, Piper and

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John Singer Sargent

From the scandal of the painting of Madame X to the trials, tribulations and triumph of Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose, discover the rise, fall and rise again of John Singer Sargent, the leading portrait painter of his age - the age of elegance. An artist who devoted his entire life to the creation of beauty.

John Piper

From cathedrals to churches, cottages to coastlines we are never very far from a place John Piper has painted, written about or undertaken a commission for. One of the most versatile British artists of the twentieth century - painter, designer, stained glass artist, photographer and writer on the arts - a master of diversity.

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James Tissot
James Tissot

James Tissot

An observer and recorder of the
complexities of life in the ‘modern age’.
Elegant scenes of fashionable society reveal beneath their glossy surface the
simmering tensions of the social and
psychological drama that was nineteenth century Paris and London.

Centre Pompidou

Discover the story of the creation of one
of the leading art collections of the world.
Since opening in 1977 its expansion has
been spectacular - over 100,000 works
of art from 1905 to present day. Its
pioneering architecture now recognised
as an icon of the twentieth century.

A modern monument
A modern monument
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Gallery on the Street

Discover the wealth of modern and
contemporary public art in the unique
square mile of the City of London - creations ranging from the hand crafted
to the high tech. The artists; their
techniques, lives and influences plus the
history of the fascinating streets where
their work can be found.

Art of Light

The magical qualities of stained glass windows in the historic churches of the City of London - windows created by a series of remarkable artists and craftsmen in a variety of styles. Discover their symbolism, spiritual dimensions and above all radiant visual beauty.

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Unity of the Arts

The unique relationship between sculptor and architect at the turn of the twentieth century led to the creation of many remarkable friezes, facades and reliefs on buildings in the City of London. Arts and Crafts, Beaux Arts, Edwardian Baroque and the arrival of the Modern movement.